Jamie Hewitt Cricket offers academy sessions throughout the school year. The courses start from October and run through until June. Participants can expect to gain valuable skills in all dimensions of cricket. See below for further details of each academy.

JHCA Cricket


Autumn Term (October - December)

The technical academy runs from September to December and encompasses the fundamental technical aspects of cricket.

Attendees can expect to learn/develop their knowledge of the technical aspects of their game, be it fast bowling, spin bowling, batting or wicket keeping.

The period prior to Christmas, from September to December, is the most important time to develop and improve the technical aspects of a cricketers game.

The technical academy will identify areas specific to each child to improve their game.



Spring Term (January - March)

The tactical academy follows on from the technical academy where attendees will be given the opportunity to continue the work that they have done on the technical academy in a variety of coaching workshops though nets, game based activities, and scenario based environments.

Within the tactical academy we will also start to introduce fielding based sessions to aid the development of the fundamental movement skills, critical for all aspects of fielding.



Summer Term (April - June)

Running in the Summer term from April - June, the match awareness academy gives students the opportunity to practice their skills in game situations.

It gives them an opportunity to incorporate all their prior work, through the technical and tactical academies, through outdoor practices incorporating middle practice, nets and games based scenarios.

We will take a closer in depth look at developing the three stages of a one day game, looking at the beginning of an innings, middle of an innings and the end of an innings.



Spring Term (January - March)

The girls academy is our newest course - lead by one of our lead coaches, Nikki, who is the Middlesex women and girls performance coach.

The course will develop your fundamental skills in batting, bowling and fielding as well as giving you opportunities to learn new skills.

JHCA Cricket


Summer Term (April - June)

The Pre-Prep Academy is a programme specifically for the boys in Years 1&2. For some, this will be their first experience of cricket, where they will be introduced to the fundamentals of batting, bowling and fielding. For those who are already competent in these aspects of cricket, the course will look to develop their skills.

It is designed to be fun and enjoyable through a variety of drills, games and fun activities.